American Civil Libirties Union

IF YOU WANT PERSONAL FREEDOM, THE ACLU OF INDIANA is on your side. When your rights to privacy, free speech and equal protection of law are threatened, the ACLU will help. Thousands of Hoosiers have relied on us for over 50 years, and we’ve fought for their rights in the courts of law and the court of public opinion.

Take the time to learn how ACLU of Indiana protects all of our rights. See how you can become a card-carrying member — and be a part of defending your own freedom.


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The Indiana Civil Liberties Union welcomes you!

The ICLU exists because we believe what the founders of this country did – that freedom matters. Our mission is to defend the principles set forth in the Indiana and U.S. Constitutions, particularly the Bill of Rights. We believe that those documents contain the best protections for the human spirit yet devised.
We go about our work with a patriot’s fervor. We believe that the tree of liberty must be nurtured and protected, and that its fruit must be offered to all Americans, regardless of race, faith, ethnic heritage, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that freedom is as essential to human beings as air or water or love.
Our goal is to defend freedom on every street corner, country road, dirt lane and alley way in the state of Indiana. Wherever there is a threat to liberty, we will be there. Wherever the human spirit is imperiled, we will be there. Wherever the Bill of Rights is ignored, we will be there. Wherever freedom is trampled upon, we will be there.

It is what we do, and why we exist. Freedom is why we’re here